Must know tools for every startup

Starting a startup is quite a hectic journey, with possibilities of both success and failures. With inadequate skill and information and investment backing or organized team work your revenue generation might get affected. Among all these factors through finance and team work rest on time factor but for the other factors like developing skill, there are many software solutions which will be discussed in the following part of this article

Team communication – Of all things that you need to have a successful startup is a well connected and skilled team. Your team needs to be well connected too. Maintain an organized team communication management system like Skype and Gmail for interaction. For sharing files and documents you can use Cloud drive or Google drive or Dropbox.

Social media marketing– If you are an entrepreneur then, you must realize that you are the soul of your company. Now you need to find the most applicable tool for your company’s face value. In this context, social media marketing is the best platform where you can promote your startup. Try the social media marketing tools like ‘HootSuite’ or ‘BufferApp’. Both of these tools are actually a dashboard for complete social media management. You can manage multiple social profiles and pages of your startup with them. This will organize your media management increasing to the visibility of your startup.

Web Analytics– It is one of the most important tools these days as it helps you in monitoring and analyzing the traffic of your website. Web Analytics or ‘Google Analytic’s whichever tool you avail, will give you a detailed statistics of all the sources through which visitors are directed to your site acquainting you with the taste of your audiences. With these tools in hand, you can check the competency and popularity of your startup and its website.

Recording the action of website visitors – There is a common flaw that most entrepreneurs of the startups suffer from. Entrepreneurs concentrate and work on developing the business but they miss out scrutinizing the user experience part. So to correct this mistake you can use tools like ‘Inspectlet’ that will show you how people are utilizing your website. You will be able to detect the user experience flaws of your website and incorporate those changes that will significantly add to the revenue growth.

These tools are not only cost effective but most of these tools offer you free trial versions that will help you to know their usability.

Can CFOs Turn Into leaders?

Leaders are those who take the others along with them. They don’t have followers they have believers. CFOs are intellectual people. They have so much knowledge about their work. Their knowledge is certainly backed by amazing leadership skills. All of them work hard all their lives to make sure the can lead the rest to achieve goals.

A CFOs is a leader by all means. They work upon themselves and believe in their approach to be of this excellence.

Let’s understand what you can do to make sure you’ve turned into a leader.

These are a few tips:

You should know who you are first. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and then work upon them. Learn and evaluate your own and also your team’s mistakes and help them as well as yourself on work upon them.

“With great power comes great responsibilities.”

You need to be an inspiration to your colleagues. You have to be the one to make sure that your colleagues look up to you. The way you take upon your responsibility reflects upon your team. They believe and look up to you. In no time you inspire them and turn into a leader.

You need to Invest your time and involve yourself in their activities and their grooming as an employee. It gives them a sense of security. Make sure yoto show some faith and trust in your team. This will make them feel that you believe in them and they would work double to ensure you are not let down.

When there is a certain interaction with the team, it develops a bond. It could be mere greetings or simply appreciating but interacting is an effective tip to gain some trust and belief. Although , you’re an interactive leader but ensure you instruct them and train them to ensure they work towards achieving the goals set by the organization.

“Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.”

Maureen O’Connell,Scholastic.

The above quote in simple words tells you that, to be a great leader you will have to work for it and not expect to be one without any efforts. It has always been upon you!